Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice

batman-vs-supermanCrunchyfridayVlanhesca August 4,2015

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

This film is the most highly anticipated action, fantasy from director Zack Synder. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is the second installment in the DC comics shared universe films. I for one is eager to see this film. I’ am a huge fan of Batman. He is my first favorite superhero. I was skeptical about Ben Affleck playing the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. I was worried about his body structure and voice as The Batman. His facial structure and the way his body would be in the suit as Batman. The movements while in the suit and his facial expressions all are very important. As I watch the trailer, Ben Affleck looks different like he may have done a good job but still raises several questions about his role as Batman. Actor Henry Cavill, did a wonderful job as Superman, I applaud him. In other news, Ben Affleck decided to direct and play act in an upcoming Batman film. I’am eager and scared to see what he can do with this great superhero of all time. It is not easy and it shouldn’t be easy.


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