The film stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson Creed, Apollo‘s son, including Sylvester Stallone in the reprising the role of Rocky Balboa. The movie was directed by Ryan Coogler and written by Coogler and Aaron Covington. They did a superb job in this movie. They captured the essence of the Rocky series. Some feel its best to leave certain movies alone and don’t remake them. The plot for this film was genius and I give it  A-. The characters were well cast. It was a great sports film this year. Creed brought the greatness of a true friendship and an important character in the Rocky series. Although I’m a huge fan of Rocky, I really took time to scrutinize this film to see if it really was a huge success. Stallone and Micheal delivered an outstanding performance the chemistry was amazing. The Rocky franchise can continue for years to come.

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